A year with Tiny Cat

cats, Tiny Cat
  • Tiny Cat is feisty and fierce, fearless and incorrigible.
  • She’s a tomboy and a daddy’s girl.
  • Her first solid food was Miller Farms grass-fed beef.
  • She bites. Usually me, but she’ll consider biting you, too.
  • She spent most of her first six weeks in a mixing bowl or tomato crate at our grocery store, where Brooke & Sarah first found her.
  • Her nicknames are Baby Monster, Baby Evil, T-Bone, and Tiny McCatimus.
  • She’s been through three surgeries, one of which was funded by donations from our dear customers.
  • We think today would be her first birthday, so here’s a retrospective of Tiny’s first year.

(Tiny Cat’s birthday wish is to find homes for other cats in Birmingham. Follow Freshfully today on Facebook to see adoptable cats from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society).

This post is dedicated to Janette Gray, friend of kittens and cats.


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